3 Dead Simple Changes You Can Make To Your Website Today To Get More Inquiries From The Same Traffic

Stop thinking about your website like it's a modern ad in the yellow pages.

Sep 20, 2022

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    Ask any doctor what they’d do if they wanted to get more patient inquiries from their website and their answer will be either: SEO or ads.

    I know because I’ve asked hundreds of them this exact question. And truth be told, those two tactics do increase the number of inquiries they receive. They do so by increasing website traffic (the number of visitors to their website). But traffic alone is the most expensive way of increasing inquiries.

    If you’re ready to play a different game, your goal should be to increase conversions, not traffic.

    And here are the 3 easiest places in which you can improve your site’s conversions today:

    1. Have a clear, patient-centric sentence in the main banner describing the problem you solve, in plain English.

    The area “above the fold” is the first thing visitors see when they land on your website and before they scroll down.

    This spot is often occupied by random stock photography and a vague, meaningless phrase like “We care about your health” or something just as generic. Instead, change the generic sentence for a clear description of what you do.

    For my stem cell clinic, the main message was simple: “Stem Cell Therapy for Autism.”

    2. Add a very visible, very obvious button with your main call to action.

    What is the first step you want a visitor to take to work with you?

    Make that the main call to action throughout your site. And specially on the top right corner of every page. We’ve been conditioned to look at this spot on a webpage for main action so use it to your advantage. Common examples for medical practices are:

    • Get Started
    • Schedule a consultation
    • Request a call

    3. Allow patients to schedule their discovery call or consultation directly on your website without having to speak to someone.

    There is literally no reason, other than stubbornness, to not provide this option for your visitors.

    Nobody younger than 40 likes to be forced to speak to another person, during business hours, to complete a task they could’ve done themselves from their iPhone. There are plenty of options you can plug directly to your website and link to your calendar.

    Your patients will thank you.

    Bonus: Be clear, upfront and transparent about your prices.

    Doctors think think having their prices on their website will turn people away.

    But it does the opposite: it qualifies them. And it prepares them for what to expect. Put yourself in yourself in their shoes: would you book time with a lawyer or financial planner without having an idea of what it’s going to cost you?

    If you feel like you need to do something different to grow your business but you don’t know where to begin, you may want to start with a Marketing Diagnostic. Send me a message on Twitter or LinkedIn (we don’t have to be connected) to learn more.

    Table of Contents
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