3 Reasons Why Writing An Essay Every Day For 28 Days Straight Has Been The Best Investment In My Career

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By Ernesto Gutierrez, MD
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In 2018 I left clinical medicine to pursue a different path.

Since then I’ve done a lot of things. I started a business development agency for doctors, a podcast production company, and doubled down on my coaching and consulting. All of them are still going and profitable. But for the longest time, I’ve felt stuck.

I’ve hired coaches and, while they all helped, I kept feeling stuck.

Until I began writing

28 days ago, I committed to write and publish 1 atomic essay per day.

What I took up as a challenge to build the habit of writing online, has turned into the best therapy I didn’t know I needed. It has unleashed my creativity and it has helped me see things that I didn’t see before.

I can’t believe the solution to getting “un-stuck” was literally sitting in front of me all this time.

You Make Sense of Your Ideas

We all have ideas throughout our days.

One of the benefits of writing daily is exploring these ideas better than if I just thought about them. There is something about writing things down. Maybe it has to do with having to be deliberate about the words you choose, or how you’d describe it to someone reading it.

When you write daily, your ideas become crisper and more refined.

You Connect Ideas

Making sense of your ideas is cool.

But being able to connect seemingly unrelated ideas, is super cool. That is where the magic happens. But you can only do it if you’ve been writing down your ideas. It’s like taking out all the pieces of a puzzle before you begin to put it together.

When you write daily, you see patterns and new, unexpected ideas emerge.

You Attract Like-Minded People

Writing in the digital age is done in public.

And when you share your ideas in public, people around you will either agree with your ideas or not. Both of these are good news. Because those who agree with your ideas will become your people. They’ll share their ideas with you and you’ll both have better ideas as a result of it.

Oh, and those who disagree with you? They’ll keep ignoring you. And you should do the same.

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