3 Steps Smart Doctors Follow To Effortlessly Get Booked On Other People's Podcasts

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By Ernesto Gutierrez, MD
Photo by Austin Distel / Unsplash
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You do not need to hire a booking agency to get booked on other people’s podcasts.

The best part? It takes you less than an afternoon and no more than $50 dollars to do!

1. Get a Personal Website

*If you already have a personal website, jump over to step 2!

If you don’t yet have a personal website, go to namecheap.com and buy yourname.com right now. Seriously.

Then go to carrd.co and create a simple landing page using one of their templates. You should go for the $19/year package so you can use your new domain and other cool benefits. Plus, it’s only nineteen bucks!

From there, follow the onboarding instructions.

2. Create a Media Page

Go to your site and add a new page. Ideally, you’ll want this page to be at yourname.com/media. For example. check out drernestomd.com/media

Your media page should have:

  • Your professional bio. Your bio should be to-the-point and give the reader enough information about who you are, what are you an expert in, and why they should book you.
  • Links. Links to your business sites, social media profiles, contact email, etc.
  • Testimonials. These can be about your professional services or about your previous media appearances.
  • Media Experience. If you have a speaker reel, this is the place to put it. Also link to your podcast (if you have one) and other interviews you’ve done.
  • Professional Photos. Yes, you have to have some professional photos taken. No, your hospital headshot does not cut it. Add what you have now and schedule a photoshoot. It is worth every penny.
  • Booking / Contact Form. Make sure that people visiting that page know how to get in touch with you to book you.

3. Create a One-Sheet

A one-sheet is basically a one-page pdf that summarizes everything that is on your media page.

Just go to fiverr.com and hire someone to create one for you. Send them the link to your media page, the high res photos, your logo, and a few days later you’ll have your one-sheet ready to be sent out.

Put it all together

With these three steps done, it’s time to start reaching out to the podcasts that your potential audience listens to.

Send a personalized email to the podcast host and tell them (briefly!) what you’d help their audience with. Include a link to your snazzy new media page and attach your one-sheet and that’s it!

Reach out to 3–5 podcasts per week and soon you’ll be landing weekly interviews.

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