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5 Dead-Easy Ways To Squeeze More Life Out Of Your Content

Most doctors run out of content ideas shortly after they start creating content. Here's how to solve that problem

Oct 17, 2022

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    Doctors struggle with content creation.

    We all have a list of 5-10 topics related to our specialty and then we run out of ideas. How the heck are we supposed to create new content regularly? The truth is it’s less about coming up with new ideas and more about giving new life to your proven content.

    In this essay I’ll share 5 simple ways to do just that:

    1. Repost it.

    The simplest thing you can do with your posts, is to repost it some time later.

    Just copy the entire thing, paste it into a new post and you’re done. You can also copy + paste it into a different platform. For example, from your newsletter to Medium. From your blog to a Twitter thread. From LinkedIn to Facebook, etc.

    2. Break it down and go deeper.

    Break down each subheading and explore just that one thing in further detail.

    For example, in this essay, I could make a single “how-to” post from each of the 5 points I’m sharing. It would require expanding on each one, and giving clear directions but the outline is already done. Go over your existing content and see where you can do this.

    3. Distill it into a few sentences and put it into a listicle.

    The opposite of step 2.

    You grab the key ideas of a few articles, and you put them together in a compilation or listicle.

    4. Make it into a video or a podcast.

    What if you turned an article into a script?

    Now you have an entire podcast episode or a single YouTube video on the same topic. Now you’re reaching people on different platforms with essentially the same content.

    5. Expand it into an ebook or course.

    Once you’ve validated a topic (by going through each of the previous steps), you can expand it further and make it an ebook.

    Again, using this same essay as an example, each of these points would be a single chapter. Add an introduction, a conclusion, and you’ve got a book or a mini course ready to go.

    Table of Contents
      Add a header to begin generating the table of contents

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