5 Reasons Every Entrepreneurial Physician Should Build in Public

Building in public means putting your ideas out in the open. And it's something every entrepreneur should embrace.

Apr 21, 2022

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    I am a big believer that building in public has the power to change your entire online business.

    I have been building in public for 5 years, and in that time I have made multiple 6-figures in online course sales, launched a career as a consultant, started a marketing agency, and a podcast production company. Building in public has also helped me find my community of people, make new friends, and improve myself in ways I otherwise never would have. I recommend everyone start building in public.

    And I have 5 specific reasons why:

    • You involve your audience from early on.
    • You learn what they need from you and your product.
    • You learn what’s stopping them from achieving the result on their own.
    • You learn what is the exact outcome they’re seeking.
    • You learn what other things they’ve tried before

    If you decide to start building in public, let me know — I’d love to connect with you (and answer any questions you have getting started!).

    Table of Contents
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