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5 Reasons Why Every Physician Needs To Build –And Nurture!– An Email List

There is no better way to deepen your relationship with patients than through email. Yet most doctors are not leveraging it. Here are 5 reasons why you should.

May 7, 2022

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    Despite what you hear out there, email is the best way to deepen relationships with your patients.

    I have been building patient email lists for over a decade now, and they’ve been the most valuable asset each one of my businesses had at the time I exited. Nurturing these lists via email helped me build communities, develop friendships with some of my patients, get to know their challenges, and serve them in ways I otherwise never would’ve been able to.

    I recommend every physician start doing the same.

    And I have 5 specific reasons why:

    • Reason #1: Through email, you are able to continue engaging your patients and helping them between visits.
    • Reason #2: You can send them useful learning resources created by you, or someone else.
    • Reason #3: You can survey them and find out what health challenges they’re facing, and if/how you can help them overcome them.
    • Reason #4: You build your own thought-leadership with them separate from your practice.
    • Reason #5: You are able to direct them to your other resources or offers like podcasts, courses, YouTube channel, etc.

    If you start building an email list, let me know — I’d love to connect with you (and answer any questions you have getting started!).

    Table of Contents
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