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After Writing 173 Daily Essays, This Is What I’d Do Differently If I Was Starting Over.

You will make mistakes when starting something new, that's for sure. But you can still avoid plenty of them by learning from other people's journey.

Aug 31, 2022

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    I’ve been writing daily for the last 173 days online.

    What started as a 30 day cohort, has turned into an almost 5+ month writing journey. In that time, I’ve grown as a writer, I’ve explored my ideas further and I’ve found my audience. But I’ve also made lots of mistakes.

    Today, during a Zoom call, one of my Ship30 mentees asked what I wish I had done differently when I began writing.

    I worried too much about getting results.

    When I signed up for Ship30, I saw the testimonials of people growing massive audiences, launching courses, and making money.

    And while I’m smart enough to know “results aren’t typical”, I’m also optimistic enough to believe “if they can, me too.” Throughout my first 30 days I became somewhat obsessive about my follower counts, checking my analytics, and comparing myself to other shippers. And it distracted me from the experience. It cheated me out of building relationships instead of competing.

    If I could go back to the beginning of my first Ship30 cohort, I would make a conscious effort to focus exclusively on putting in the reps, developing a writing habit and shipping daily.

    If you’d like to explore what it’s like to be mentored by me, send me a private DM on Twitter or LinkedIn and find out!

    Table of Contents
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