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Creating Online Content Should Be A Requirement For Physicians. Here’s Why

As a doctor, I feel it's our responsibility to educate people in regards to health and well-being. And this responsibility goes beyond the walls of our office. Here's why

Jul 16, 2022

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    Very few physicians have what it takes to create –and post– content regularly online.

    First of all, you need to put your ego aside. Successful content creators create for their audience, not for themselves. Not only that, they also have to put up with constant criticism and even mockery from their peers as well as from random strangers on the internet. This is no easy task.

    But if you are one of the few physicians who choose to face these challenges, you’ll reap the benefits.

    Here are the 3 reasons why smart physicians create content regularly:

    1. Educate your existing and potential patients.

    There’s nothing worse than seeing your patients get their health information from self-proclaimed “health experts”.

    But have you ever wondered why they fall for this? Because they don’t have credible sources to contrast their information with! And it’s up to you, me, and the rest of our colleagues to educate them. Not in our offices, online.

    2. Create a content library that builds your expertise.

    “Patients don’t go to the best doctor. They go to the doctor they perceive as the best.”

    — Dr E

    How can you build your perceived value in 2022 and beyond?

    By putting your thoughts out there! You don’t need connections to a publicist or a TV or radio producer so you can publish your ideas. In fact, if you’re reading this essay, you have everything you need to create and publish content.

    And the more content you create, the better.

    So when a new patient finds you, and they visit your site, or your profile, they’ll see dozens, even hundreds of pieces of content showcasing your experience and your expertise. Every piece of content is an asset working for you, building your perceived value.

    3. Find new revenue generating activities.

    The more you put your ideas out there, the more you will develop them.

    You’ll find what interests your audience, and by talking about it regularly, the depth of your content will increase. Soon, you’ll be the go-to expert in that niche and doors will open for you.

    Opportunities like paid speaking, partnerships, sponsorships, and even board seats are some of the perks available to those who choose to become physician thought leaders.

    “Will you become one?”

    If you found this appealing but need some help fleshing it out, I can help!. Schedule a 1:1 call here.

    Table of Contents
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