Do You Have The Right Skills But Still Struggle To Make Money – This Could Be Why

"Whenever I struggle to make money, it's because I have stopped giving. So the solution is to go out and give some money away…"

Nov 19, 2022

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    After I left my cushy clinical role, I struggled financially for longer than I care to admit.

    I had the skills, the desire, and the work ethic for things to go my way but they simply didn’t. We were being crushed by debt, falling behind with everything, and suffering to make ends meet.

    It was around this time I remembered something a good friend had taught me years before when I hit a bit of a dry spell with sales:

    “Whenever I struggle to make money, it’s because I have stopped giving. So the solution is to go out and give some money away…”

    This took me a while to grasp.

    “How am I going to get money from giving money?” I won’t even try to give you a logical explanation as to why this works, but it does. The moment you stop hoarding money and use it to help others, it comes back to you multiplied.

    The easiest way to start is by tithing 10% of everything that comes into your life.

    Give money to a charity, your church, or just to the thousands of people living on the streets in most major cities nowadays. Don’t overthink this, just follow your intuition and use your money to help others.

    And the good news is, this not only works for money – here are a few more examples:

    If you want to get more reviews for your practice, leave reviews for other people’s businesses.

    When was the last time you left a review for one of the businesses you frequent?

    Think about your favorite restaurant, your hairdresser, nail salon, dry cleaner, vet… Here’s a suggestion: pull out your phone, google one of these businesses and leave them a thoughtful review. You don’t have to exaggerate but be thoughtful.

    Mention what you like, call someone out by name, or anything else that will make that business owner’s day.

    If you want people to happily pay for your services, happily pay for the services you use.

    Many of the doctors I speak to mention how they seem to only get patients who complain about their prices.

    Unsurprisingly, these same doctors complain about my consulting fees. They also use the free versions of the digital tools they use. And when they want some help, they look for the least expensive VA they can find…

    It’s no wonder they’re getting that same energy back from their patients.

    If you want more people to engage with your posts, engage with other people’s posts on social media!

    Again, same principle.

    A lot of doctors I speak to use their social media to talk about their topics. They post and wait for the likes to come. If someone comments they might like their comment back and respond with an emoji or two. Then they wonder how come their accounts don’t grow…

    So here’s a fun little exercise for you: next time you’re about to post something, save it as a draft and scroll through your feed leaving some thoughtful, encouraging comments to at least 5 posts that catch your eye. And then post your post.

    The more you start observing these behaviors in yourself, the easier it becomes to act according to what you want to receive.

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