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Having A Side Gig Is Not An Escape, It’s The Solution To Burnout – Here’s How To Start One

While physician burnout has many causes, I know having a side-gig –or working independenty– can restore your autonomy and fulfill many of your professional needs.

Jul 12, 2022

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    Side gigs are the solution to physician burnout.

    Unfortunately, most of us buy into the idea that we should either live off of medicine entirely or switch careers altogether. But having a side gig gets you so much more than extra cash.

    And in this essay, I’ll share with you how to start one.

    Your career does not have to be either-or.

    Most doctors I meet genuinely enjoy clinical medicine. But chances are you want to do other things as well. Here are a few reasons why a side gig can be the perfect outlet:

    • It gives your brain a challenge.
    • It forces you to develop new skills.
    • It gives you a different perspective.
    • It can be an additional source of income, not tied to clinical medicine.

    The best news is that, once you accept that you can be a doctor and anything else, it’s rather simple to start.

    Here’s how:

    Step 1: List out all the things you could talk about for 30 minutes without props or prepping.

    It’s important to start with things you already know how to do.

    In my case, it was easy to talk about lifestyle design, healthcare marketing, audience building, and personal branding.

    Step 2: Choose just one.

    Many will come up with more than one topic. And the mistake is to want to “try them all” and see what sticks. That approach dilutes your efforts.

    Instead, try one full out for 90 days and then reevaluate.

    Step 3: Who can benefit?

    Then figure out who is the person who can benefit from it.


    Avoid thinking about who needs it! Instead, focus on who will want it!

    Yes. It is this easy. Don’t overcomplicate it and explore your possibilities.

    And if you still feel like you need a bit more help figuring it out, I’m happy to help. Use this link to schedule a 1:1 call today.

    Table of Contents
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