How To Break Free From Analysis Paralysis And Launch That Digital Product

As doctors we often think we are not skillful or knowledgeable enough to start a business. So we default to learning. Courses, workshops, bootcamps… But all of that learning without doing leads us to analysis paralysis. Here's how to break free.

Jul 19, 2022

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    What’s the difference between someone who has an idea and someone who actually launches a digital product?

    I have coached dozens of doctors. And every single one of them has had at least one idea for an online course, an ebook, a podcast, or a membership site. By the time we talk, they have read blogs, watched YouTube videos, and even bought courses teaching them how to do it.

    Unfortunately, 9 times out of 10, they don’t make it past the starting line.

    Learning without doing = overwhelm

    When you spend too much time learning and not doing, you begin justifying your inaction with phrases like:

    • I’m checking out different platforms.
    • Maybe I should open a separate bank account.
    • I am checking with x whether I need a new LLC.
    • I’ll sign up for the trial and see which one works best.

    In theory, these all seem like smart things to do. But it’s easy to stay in analysis mode and never start. And to make matters worse, the more you analyze, the more uncertain you become!

    Here is how you break the cycle:

    Step 1: Detach from the outcome

    When you are starting out, your goal is to get good at doing it.

    Give yourself permission to suck at first. As long as you’re putting in the reps, you’re making progress. I know you want to help people and make money out of this but, if your expectations are too high, you’ll be so afraid to fail that you’ll never start.

    Step 2: Pay attention

    A common mistake is getting too stubborn about your product or service.

    I know you believe with every bone in your body that this is exactly what your audience needs. But if they don’t want it, you will struggle to build a business around it.

    A business is about solving a problem your audience needs solved.

    Step 3: Get accountability

    Your mind will trick you into thinking you’re not ready.

    The easiest way to overcome this is by putting yourself out there. One thing I like to do is to presell a few copies of whatever I intend to create. But you can also enlist the help of a coach or simply a friend who can keep you accountable.


    The only difference between those who have an idea and those who launch a product is the second group starts.

    If you’ve been down this path and still have not launched your online product or service, please stop buying courses and trainings. You need accountability. I’m here for you. Click here to schedule your 1:1 call today.

    Table of Contents
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