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How To Create A Thought-Leadership Side-Gig As A Doctor

If you want to become a key opinion leader in your field, you should know it's more about well-known you are than how much you know.

Nov 18, 2022

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    My clients get booked (and paid!) to write and speak in front of industry peers regularly.

    Those “in the know” know getting booked to speak has more to do with how well-known you are than with how much you know. So in order to get booked for the good gigs, you must first get noticed.

    Here is how you do just that:

    1. Define WHO you wish to influence.

    The mistake is trying to appeal to every potential organization or group of peers who might want to book you.

    Instead, think about the type of person who would get the most out of your ideas and knowledge. Be clear and specific. And then, whenever you create content, imagine you’re speaking directly to this person.

    2. Don’t be afraid to stand out!

    There’s nothing worse than being ignored.

    But if you look and sound like every other potential speaker, you won’t be considered for the good gigs. Try to find ways in which you can stand out and be memorable.

    3. Own your category.

    Once you’ve identified who you want to influence and how you will stand out, own it.

    Don’t be afraid to name your niche. Your goal is to become the first person your audience thinks about when they think of your category. When you become the go-to person in a specific category, being chosen as the speaker is the obvious choice.

    Table of Contents
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