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How To Get Your Patients’ Attention by Talking About Less Things

The narrower the focus of your content, the easier it is for your audience to "categorize" you and make sense of what your content is about.

May 18, 2022

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    What’s the difference between physicians with big audiences and those whose voice and opinions get lost in all the noise of the internet?

    This is a tricky one for physicians, but the answer is: those with audiences, have a clearly defined niche. And it’s tricky because physicians are already specialists, so we assume our niche is our specialty. If I’m an oncologist, I talk about cancer. If I’m a pediatrician, I talk about kids. And so on…

    But if you look closely at those who have built an audience, you’ll notice they have narrowed their focus further than they’re specialty.

    The key to building an audience online is ensuring people know what they’ll get from following you.

    You already do this with the people you follow on social media.

    Look at who you follow on Instagram, on Twitter, or on LinkedIn. Chances are you have a group of people you follow because you enjoy their cooking. Others who share fitness tips and workouts. Others for different sports, etc. These are “categories” you assign to them.

    And your audience will do the same when deciding whether to read your content or follow you.

    In order for people to give you their time and attention, they must be clear on what your “category” is.

    This is actually a good thing for you as well.

    Your goal is to create content for people who want what you’re sharing. So the clearer you are about your category, the better.

    Here is how you define your category:

    1. Make a list of all the things you could create content about as it relates to your specialty. Just open up a notebook and write down everything that comes to mind. Set a timer for 20 minutes and write down everything. Don’t think too much, just write.
    2. Next, grab a highlighter and highlight only those topic you’d enjoy creating content about. The goal is to find those topics that excite you and fill your head with ideas.
    3. Finally, grab your pen and underline only the topics you highlighted and which your audience would enjoy and get benefit from.

    You should be left with 5–10% of the entire list. These are the topics you will focus on for the next 90 days.

    By now you’re probably thinking: “wait but… how am I supposed to create 90 pieces of content (1 per day) with only 5 topics?”

    I’m glad you asked! I’ll share my exact system this Saturday in my newsletter. Subscribe here.

    Table of Contents
      Add a header to begin generating the table of contents

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