How To Never Run Out Of Content Ideas Within Your Niche - HRT Edition

6 months ago   •   1 min read

By Ernesto Gutierrez, MD
Photo by National Cancer Institute / Unsplash
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Smart creators don't come up with new topics every day. They come up with new variations of the same topics.

In today's essay, I'll share with you the 7 specificity levers you can use to create new variations of your same topic. Each of these modifiers allow you to approach your topic from a completely different perspective, creating a brand new piece of content each time.

The 7 specificity levers are: price, problem, location, industry, situation, experience, demographic.

Here are 21 different pieces of content, all based on the same topic (hormone replacement therapy):


  1. Testosterone replacement on a budget.
  2. How much is hormone replacement therapy?
  3. Why is HRT becoming more affordable?


  1. Hormone replacement therapy for menopause.
  2. Hormone replacement therapy after cancer.
  3. Hormone replacement therapy for low libido.


  1. Best stem HRT clinic in Tampa.
  2. Why is HRT so popular in America.
  3. Risks of getting HRT in Mexico.


  1. Why are professional athletes choosing hormone replacement therapy?
  2. Here is why hormone replacement therapy so popular amongst Hollywood celebrities?
  3. Why are doctors divided in support for hormone replacement therapy?


  1. If you have had cancer, your risks hormone replacement therapy are higher – here's why.
  2. Should you get hormone replacement therapy to assist with weight loss
  3. Is hormone replacement therapy a solution for menopause symptoms?


  1. What to expect when you start hormone replacement therapy.
  2. Tips for patients who have to stop HRT.
  3. What to ask your doctor about HRT.


  1. Is hormone replacement therapy an option for teenagers?
  2. What is the oldest age in which hormone replacement therapy is recommended?
  3. How does gender affect hormone replacement therapy?

If you are an HRT physician, you could create a piece of content for every one of these topics in less than 20 minutes each.

Now it's your turn. Choose one of your topics and write (at least) 3 headlines in each of the specificity levers. If you post one piece of content Monday to Friday, you've just filled your calendar for the entire month.

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