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I Have Written A Daily Essay For 230 Days Straight, And Here Are 3 Benefits I Did Not Expect To Get.

The most impactful benefits of writing online are the ones I was not expecting

Oct 24, 2022

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    I have been writing online every day for 230 days straight.

    In that time, I’ve learned a lot about digital writing. But I’ve learned more about myself, my audience and my ideas. In fact, those are the reasons I’ve kept on writing day after day.

    Here are 3 benefits I wasn’t expecting:

    1. Writing online builds your authority

    Long gone are the days where doctors used their diploma-filled walls to demonstrate authority.

    Today, a patient will never see your office unless you take the time to build this authority. But they’ll read your posts. Thew will watch your videos and listen to your podcasts. Couple this with a well-designed website, and you’ll never have to hang up another diploma on your walls.

    And by the way, everyone knows those “Top Doctor” awards are paid for…

    2. Writing helps you clarify and explore your ideas further

    I have always had somewhat “contrarian” ideas in regards to many aspects surrounding healthcare and medical education (or should I say indoctrination?).

    However, it was not until I began writing that I began exploring these ideas intentionally. Writing forces you to think through how to communicate your thoughts. And when you do, you learn there’s so much more to unravel.

    Going down these rabbit holes has been one the most fulfilling and satisfying aspects of my writing journey.

    3. By writing online you attract like-minded individuals

    When you share your ideas online, you’re definitely going to find other people who think similarly.

    I’ve built relationships with doctors I wouldn’t haveI h met otherwise simply because they read something I posted and reached out to connect. In one specific case, a comment on my post turned into a conversation on the DMs. That turned into a Zoom call, which turned into an interview for an upcoming project I’m working on.

    None of this would’ve happened if I had not hit “post” on my article.

    Table of Contents
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