I Own A Podcast Production Company. This Is Why Doctors Should Not Start A Podcast

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By Ernesto Gutierrez, MD
Photo by Austin Distel / Unsplash
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In 2019, I spun off a service we offered for our clients into a standalone podcast production company — Podcast In A Box.

This means we make money exclusively from people who have podcasts. Yet I strongly believe that doctors should not start by hosting their own podcast.

What is your goal with a podcast?

Don’t get me wrong, a podcast is a great way to get your message out there. Listening to podcasts is what my mentor calls a NET activity (NET = No Extra Time).

You can listen to podcasts while doing the dishes, folding laundry, getting your cardio in, or during your morning commute.

If this sounds like a great way to educate your potential patients, you’d be right. It is! But if your goal is to reach new patients, starting your podcast is not the most efficient way of doing it.

What’s the point of a podcast nobody listens to?

Imagine you just recorded your first episode. You publish it. And *crickets*.

So you share it on your social media, of course! Also on your email list and make sure to tell all your patients about it.

But here’s the thing, they are all in your audience already! They’re not new!

Wasn’t your goal to reach new people?

There’s a better way

If you’re able to put aside the need to have your name on the podcast cover, you’ll be better off being a guest on other people’s podcasts.

The hosts will put you in front of their audience and you get to borrow their credibility. It’s almost like they’re vouching for you in front of their people.

You forget about recording episodes, editing the audio, creating graphics and show notes, and a long list of unexpected crap that every podcast host knows about.

All you have to do is show up in time, be interviewed, and reap the benefits.

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