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If You’ve Ever Felt Like You Have Knowledge To Share, You Must Start By Writing Online

Digital writing has opened so many doors for me, it's hard to image what my life would be like if I had never started posting my ideas online.

Oct 6, 2022

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    6 months ago I embarked on a journey that has changed the way I share my knowledge, coach my clients and educate my followers.

    It all started as a 30 day “challenge” to develop a writing habit. It’s not really a challenge, but a cohort-based course called Ship 30 for 30. During those first 30 days I met others on the same journey, and I learned tactics and systems to become a digital writer.

    Just 6 months later I have a content library of over 200 essays.

    I’ve grown a brand new twitter account to 550+ followers and crossed 5k followers on LinkedIn. I began posting on Medium and launched a newsletter. All things I’ve been meaning to do, but had never actually started…

    But none of those are the reason why you should write online.

    The best thing about writing every day is how much more I’ve developed my own ideas.

    Writing has allowed me to connect seemingly unrelated concepts and bring new ideas to life. New ways to address an old problem. Old ways to tackle modern problems.

    It’s like writing has unlocked an untapped well of creativity and possibility in my brain.

    And if you’ve ever felt like you have ideas to explore and share with the world, you definitely need to join an upcoming cohort 👇🏻

    Table of Contents
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