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My 3 Favorite Tools To Curate And Review Online Content

It's easy to overconsume content without really learning much. That's why curating and reviewing is a crucial piece of the self-education puzzle for me. Here are 3 tools I use to help me do that.

Aug 6, 2022

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    I consume a lot of content online.

    But the more I consume, the harder it is to absorb the lessons. Which defeats the purpose of consuming content in the first place. So over the years I’ve developed a system that helps me consume and review content more intentionally.

    It’s a very simple system, made up of 3 tools that I recommend to every person interested in absorbing more of the content they consume online.

    Here are my favorite tools to curate and review online content:

    1. Readwise: it’s an app that gathers my highlights from my Kindle, my Pocket, my tweets, and then resurfaces 5 of them in a daily email allowing me to review the most important concepts regularly.

    Another cool feature of Readwise are these little images it can generate from my highlights allowing me to share them easily.

    If you use my link to sign up for Readwise, you and I get a free month of Premium ($8.99 value)

    2. Save to Notion: Notion is my main knowledge hub. Save to Notion is a Chrome extension that allows me to easily capture information from a webpage and save it directly to my Notion together with highlights, comments, links and everything else in it. Then I can tag the page and reference it when needed.

    3. Pocket: This is a reader app. Whenever I stumble upon something I want to read but not now, I save it to Pocket using the iOS extension or the Chrome extension. Then, when I have some spare time, instead of mindlessly browse social media, I open up Pocket and I see stuff I actually know I want to consume.

    These are the tools that make up my curation and consumption stack.

    If you’d like me to dig deeper into how I use each of these, just drop me a comment on Twitter or LinkedIn and let me know!

    Table of Contents
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