5 Apps To Easily Record Video Messages As A Doctor in 2023

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By Ernesto Gutierrez, MD
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Using video is the best way to communicate with your patients in 2023 and beyond.

Video messages allow your patients to consume your recommendations at a time and place most convenient to them. They can also save it for future reference and watch it again when needed. Not only that, it allows you to communicate more clearly since your body language, tone of voice, inflections, and everything else that makes you a great in-person communicator are present on video.

In order to help do more video in 2023, here are my 5 favorite apps:


Best for screenshare video (with or without your face), and annotated screenshots. You can password protect each video and be notified whenever your intended recipient watches it. It also keeps track of how many times it's been played, it lets your viewers add comments directly on the video page, and allows you to add links and calls to action.


Ideal for 1:1 video communication. You can use it to record screenshares as well. My main use is as a Gmail extension which lets me reply to an email with video without leaving my inbox.


Bonjoro is a web and mobile app that lets you record personalized messages using a webcam or smartphone. What I like is how you can set up different actions that add contacts to your Bonjoro queue so you can batch record a series of video messages via the app and let Bonjoro do the rest. You can use it to welcome new patients to your practice, to send a video message to someone who completes your online course, etc.


If you plan on doing some face-to-camera video, BigVu is a great alternative. Use it on your browser or mobile phone, it includes a teleprompter and automatic transcription, video editing and other neat tricks. It does add more friction than the other apps on this list but if you're looking for a teleprompter app, this is my go to.


While Descript is mostly an audio transcription app, you can record video in up to 4k using your webcam and then use the app to edit it as you would a text document. Beware every take is transcribed using up some of your monthly allotted minutes! If you have a need for transcription or podcast editing, then using it for your video messages is a great alternative. If all you're looking for are 1:1 video messaging, go with HippoVideo or CloudApp.

As always, there are plenty more options out there. These are the ones I use and I recommend my clients to use. They work, are inexpensive and get the job done.

If you decide to try any of these, let me know which one and what you thought about it!

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