Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes

You can't get different results without doing something differently

Sep 14, 2022

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    Last weekend I received a short email that said: “I’m frustrated and I just know I need to do something different.”

    It was from a doctor whom I had spoken to about our services. We connected on LinkedIn in February, had a call, and I didn’t hear from her again. Weeks later, she sent me another message. We spoke again, and she disappeared again.

    Now, 2 months later, she reached out via email.

    This time I did not offer to get on another call.

    We’ve had this conversation before.

    Instead, I recorded a video as I went through her website, pointing out some simple tweaks she could make. Did the same for her social media profile. And I ended with some content ideas for good measure. All in a <5 min video.

    She later replied telling me all the reasons why she could not do any of the things I recommend in the video.

    Nothing changes if nothing changes.

    Wanting different outcomes is the easy part.

    Taking different actions is much harder. It requires you to let go of what you currently have, in search of what you want. And not everyone has the courage to do it.

    Do you?

    Table of Contents
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