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The show pulls from Dr. E’s vast knowledge and his ever-growing rolodex of knowledgeable colleagues and prominent experts to explain topics like alternative health science, cutting edge nutrition, fitness, and child development—all in a simple, accessible manner.

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Episode 11

In this episode, Dr. E ‘The Stem Cell Guy’ interviews Michael Ashford, certified personal trainer and founder of Fit Dad Fitness.

Since 2012, Michael has dedicated himself to living a healthy, active lifestyle by working out at least five times a week. He also changed his diet as he recognized that so much of our health is directly linked to the foods we consume.

Through Fit Dad Fitness, Michael’s mission is to equip fathers to live an active, involved, healthy life with their children.

Episode 10

Dr. Jaime Seeman joins Dr. E to share how she bounced back to health, fitness, and well-being when pre-diabetes, low thyroid function, and hormonal imbalance crept into her life after her third pregnancy.  She urges listeners to take control to optimize their health now. If you don’t take the time for wellness now, you will eventually have to make time for illness.

Episode 9

In this episode of the Highway to Health Show, Dr. E talks with Pradeepa Narayanaswamy. Her personal 12-year struggle with infertility was an emotional rollercoaster which motivated her to help make sure others’ infertility journeys suck less by opening up discussions to overcome the stigma of infertility and providing a much needed support system.

Pradeepa is a certified professional coach who specializes in guiding women, men, and couples who are going through struggles with their fertility.

Episode 8

In this episode of the Highway to Health Show, Dr. E is joined by Barry Smeltzer, the owner/operator of Healing Provisions in San Antonio and Austin.

Barry shares how people can educate themselves on how to live a healthy lifestyle by protecting themselves from environmental exposures that weren’t around 40 years ago.

Episode 7

In this episode of the Highway to Health Show, Dr. E is joined by Dr. Nisha Chellam, MD a board-certified internist who practices functional and holistic medicine. She shares why she shifted from internal medicine to functional medicine, and how she partners with her patients to actively create health rather than manage disease.

Episode 6

In this episode of the Highway to Health Show, Dr. E is joined by Josh McLean to discuss living life intentionally and focusing on what is really important to us.

Josh is the author of the book Catalyst: Ignite Your Spark Within to Achieve Powerful Transformation.

Episode 5

In this episode Dr E is joined by Jay Cole, author of the book How to Calm the F*ck Down: A Meditator’s Guide. They talk about meditation, mindfulness and how the world would be a much better place if more people meditated.

Episode 4

In this episode, Dr. E explains the differences between popular low-carb diets including keto, paleo, atkins and whole30.

Episode 3

In this episode, Dr. E shares some helpful tips and information for anyone considering stem cell therapy in the US or abroad.

Episode 2

Dr. George Zafra, MD joins the show to share about aesthetic medicine, facial rejuvenation and the the basics of skin care.

Learn how he helps his patients age gracefully with natural looking enhancements.

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