The 1 Not-So-Obvious Reason You Struggle With Perfectionism

Perfectionism is how we rationalize not trying to reach our scary goals.

Sep 7, 2022

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    For more than 35 years, I’ve struggled with “perfectionism.”

    Although I call it perfectionism, it is fear. Fear of rejection. Fear of criticism. Fear of standing out. Fear of what others will think of me. Fear of leaving my comfort zone.

    The weird thing is, after talking to other doctors I learned they too, suffer from it.

    What if I make a mistake?

    For some reason, I’ve always imagined when I hit publish on a video or post, my peers are going to immediately go see it.

    Not only that, they’re going to send the link to each other and laugh hysterically about me. They will absolutely destroy every argument I make and will humiliate me in public. And the worst part? They’ll be right!

    I will be exposed as the imposter I am!

    Obviously, this never happens.

    Hitting “post” is just the beginning.

    The mistake is approaching online publishing with an old-school mindset.

    Unlike traditional publishing, a digital asset can –and should!– be improved after its release. You can add more content, make corrections, and explain things better.

    Knowing this removes the fear associated with putting yourself out there.

    You can always go back and improve it.

    Are you ready to kick your perfectionism to the curve? I can help. Click here to schedule a quick chat.

    Table of Contents
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