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The 3 Must-Have Tools To Research, Draft, And Distribute Your Content

There are only a handful of tools you'll need for every step of digital writing.

Sep 15, 2022

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    If you’re following me, chances are you know I ghostwrite content for other physicians to use in their social media and marketing assets.

    And since I love creating content for various patient populations, I have a handful of tools I use over and over again. They have become part of my writing routine, and I recommend them to anyone and everyone.

    Here are my favorite tools to create content for patients:

    1. In this website you enter your specific niche as keywords and it will give you hundreds, even thousands of questions that are being asked by people searching online related to that keyword.
    2. After more than a decade using Evernote, I tried Notion and am completely hooked. With a huge developer community, you can buy inexpensive templates for virtually any purpose or create your own. I use it to collect information I find relevant (for myself or a client’s account), to outline long form content, to keep a content calendar, and much more.
    3. This is the most versatile social media scheduler I’ve found. I have an agency account to connect my client’s social media profiles, but personal accounts allow you to connect up to 25 profiles from Facebook to Instagram, to Twitter, Pinterest, and even Google My Business. And sure, platform-specific platforms are more powerful but having a different scheduler for each platform gets expensive, fast.

    If you end up using these tools, let me know what you think!

    Table of Contents
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