The Counterintuitive Way To Achieve Your Goals

5 months ago   •   1 min read

By Ernesto Gutierrez, MD
Photo by Andrew Seaman / Unsplash
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Why is it some people never seem to get the results they crave despite doing all of the "right things"?

Getting the results you want is more often achieved when you stop doing the wrong things than by trying to do more of the "right" things.

After many years of setting goals and not achieving them, I was forced to reevaluate my strategy.

And what I found was, regardless of the type of goal I was pursuing, I always approached it in the same way. "What do I need to do to get x?"

In fact, you have heard the same kind of thing from your patients:

  • What should I eat to lower my cholesterol?
  • What exercise should I do to lose weight?
  • How often should I meditate?

But the solution is often found not in what you can add to your life, but in what you should remove.

Want to lose weight? Start by removing the processed foods and sodas before thinking about supplements.

Want to launch a side hustle? Start cutting the time you waste on social media before taking more time away from your family.

Now that you know, think about what you'd like to achieve in 2023 and ask yourself how come you have not yet achieved it. Be honest about it. Then look for things you know you have to stop doing next year and simply stop doing them.

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