The One Reason Every Doctor Must Have a Side-Gig

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By Ernesto Gutierrez, MD
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In 2016 I was working as a physician when I accidentally began consulting doctors on how to build a profitable practice.

Consulting on the side was never something I did for the extra money. In fact, I started doing it for free, helping friends who asked me for advice. Then they began referring me to their friends.

When people I didn't know began asking me for advice, I began charging for it.

And just like that, I was in business!

Don't keep all your eggs in one basket

Having a second income-generating activity had several benefits.

Mind you, it was not bringing me huge sums of money. But knowing that my expenses were fully covered by my day job, every dollar coming in from consulting was gravy.

By far though, the most important benefit was the possibilities it brought.

A whole new world

After a few months of this, I noticed I was not nearly as stressed at my day job as I was before.

Nothing had changed there. Same responsibilities, same workload, same hours. But something had changed in me.

I no longer needed the job.

For the first time in my professional life, I felt like I could leave if I wanted to. I no longer felt "forced" to put up with anything simply because I needed a job. Just knowing this completely changed the way I saw my job.

Thanks to my accidental side-gig, I learned that all that's needed to enjoy something is to not need it.

Sounds easier said than done, doesn't it? It is… Which is why I guide doctors through this process. Step by step, from designing the lifestyle they desire to making it a reality.

Curious to learn more? Send me a private message on Twitter or LinkedIn and let's chat.

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