The Only 3 Tools You Need To Launch An Online Side-Gig In 2023

6 months ago   •   1 min read

By Ernesto Gutierrez, MD
Photo by Dell / Unsplash
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I love helping medical professionals build profitable side gigs.

And while I often work with physicians who seem to have some money to launch a side-gig, sometimes It’s necessary to start on a super tight budget. If that’s you, these 3 tools are a great way to start and validate your side-gig before jumping in to the deep end.

*Disclaimer: I do not recommend dabbling and hoping something sticks. If you have the budget, invest in your side-gig so you have some skin in the game. It makes all the difference in the world. But if you just can’t do it, here is how to start.

Here are my favorite tools to launch a side-gig on a budget:

  1. Carrd: Simple, modern and beautiful landing pages. You can ge the premium version for $19 per year. And it is more than worth it. This will be your storefront.
  2. Gumroad: Modern marketplace for digital goods. If you plan on selling videos, ebooks, courses, PDFs or any other digital good, Gumroad has you covered. They take care of VAT, taxes, gateways, credit card processing, emailing, etc. And they only get paid when you get paid.
  3. Typeshare: Every business needs clients. And when you’re strapped for cash and can’t spring for ads, you get them by building an audience online. Typeshare makes it easy for you to create posts, essays and threads with its proven templates, as well as the ability to schedule to Twitter and LinkedIn. There is a free version and the pro is only $20/month.

These tools are literally all you need to launch a side-gig before the end of the monht.

What do you think? Ready to start?

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