The Perfect Morning Routine Does Not Exist. Here’s What You Should Aim For Instead

Yes, you can still win the day, even if you don't wake up at 5am, meditate and journal…

Oct 21, 2022

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    When I was in my early 30’s I had one of those crazy morning routines.

    You know what I mean, right? Wake up at 4 am, meditate for 30 minutes, journal and plan for the day ahead. Then do a 90 minute “jam session” where I worked on my most important project, followed by a 60 minute workout, shower, and breakfast (bulletproof coffee, of course!).

    By 7 am I had done more with my day, than most people (who were still sleeping!) would do with theirs.

    What a great feeling!

    But then I had kids…

    If you’re a parent you know where this is going.

    Nothing can prepare you for the kind of disruptions kids bring into your life. And ours was no exception. Suddenly my nights were not as restful. Getting out of bed at 4am was hard. But the hardest thing was kickstarting my routine without waking the baby up!

    And before I realized it, I had no routine whatsoever and was no longer in control of my days.

    The main benefit from any morning routine, comes simply from having one.

    If you look at successful people who swear by their morning routines, you’ll notice one thing: they’re all different!

    Some wake up at 5, others at 8. Some workout right away, some get to work right away. Some journal, others meditate. But the one thing in common is they follow their routine, e-ve-ry day.

    For the past 3 months or so, I’ve been following this simple routine every morning before I leave my bedroom:

    • Wake up at 6
    • Make my bed
    • Meditate (10-15 mins)
    • Do 11 burpees
    • Then I get a cup of coffee and do a simple journal entry on my iPhone or iPad and I’m done.

    Seriously, that’s it.

    Yet the benefits have been very evident. I feel in control of my days and, by the time my kids get up and we all start getting ready to leave, I’ve already won my morning.

    So, if you’re feeling like life is going too fast and you’re not in control, define some super simple morning routine you can follow e-ve-ry morning and crush it!

    Table of Contents
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