The Single Biggest Mistake I Made As A First-Time Medical Entrepreneur

6 months ago   •   1 min read

By Ernesto Gutierrez, MD
Photo by National Cancer Institute / Unsplash
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Like most beginners, I made a lot of mistakes when I opened my private medical practice.

But this was the biggest one, by far:

I didn’t have a clear marketing strategy.

Here's what happened:

Like many first-time medical entrepreneurs, I believed the only important thing was providing excellent service. As long as the service our patients received was top notch, word of mouth would be inevitable and I’d have a full practice.

If you’ve had your own practice for more than a few months, you know this is far from accurate.

Every medical practice needs proper marketing to keep a healthy patient pipeline.

Unfortunately, like most doctors, I didn’t know how to create a marketing strategy.

So I resorted to doing what I now like to refer to as “random acts of marketing.” This can be in the form of randomly emailing your entire list offering 20% discount and then wondering why so many people unsubscribed… Or putting together some scrappy facebook ads for a “mother’s day” promo using stock images you found on Canva. Or worse, hiring some “marketing agency” and letting them fill your calendar with completely unqualified leads…

All of these actions are symptoms of not having a clear strategy.

It was at this time I found a mentor who taught me just how important marketing is to any business.

Here’s why: your training, your skills, and and your experience are irrelevant, if patients can’t find you.

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