There Is One Skill The Best Doctors Have, Even If They Don’t Recognize It.

Yeah, you really don't suck at sales. Here's why:

Jun 5, 2022

American doctor talking to senior man in surgery
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    You can’t be a great doctor if you are not a great salesperson.

    The best doctors get patients to quit smoking, drinking, and eating junk food. They get them to exercise, go to bed early and eat their greens. They sometimes even talk patients into being cut open to remove an organ or two…

    If that’s not great salesmanship, I don’t know what is!

    But for some reason, doctors scoff at the idea of learning sales…

    Selling is not about tricking people into buying crap they don’t need.

    In 2011 I attended my first ever sales training: Persuasion Engineering.

    In one weekend, I learned from Richard Bandler (the creator of NLP) and John LaValle that selling is simply about helping people make the best decision. For them. And when you are in sales, you’re giving people the information they need, in the way they need it, to make a decision.

    You see, when we don’t have the right information, we put off making a decision.

    Doctors often give patients too much information.

    The right information does not mean all the information.

    I used to be guilty of this. In an effort to ensure patients had all of the info would overwhelm them with details. Details they were not equipped to process. Much less use to taking action.

    They suddenly found themselves incapable of making a decision and needed to talk to someone about it.

    Wasn’t that why they consulted me in the first place?

    The best doctor sells patients on the right choices in regards to their health.

    Since your job as a doctor requires persuading patients to make better choices, you’ll have more success if you study sales.

    Table of Contents
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