This Is How My Side-Gig Helped Me Enjoy My Day Job Again

4 months ago   •   1 min read

By Ernesto Gutierrez, MD
Photo by Usman Yousaf / Unsplash
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In 2016 I accidentally launched my first side-gig as a physician.

By then I had had a few successful years leading my stem cell clinic and a few of my friends contacted me for advice. And before I knew it, I was consulting other doctors on how to build a profitable practice.

Having a second income-generating activity had several benefits, but my favorite one had to do with my day job.

A whole new world

After a few months of recklessly spending the extra cash I found myself with, I noticed I was not nearly as stressed at my day job.

Nothing had changed there. Same responsibilities, same workload, same hours. But something had changed in me.

I no longer needed the job.

For the first time in my professional life, I felt like I could leave if I wanted to. I no longer felt "forced" to put up with anything simply because I needed a job. Just knowing this completely changed the way I saw my job.

Thanks to my accidental side-gig, I learned all that's needed to enjoy something is to not need it.

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