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This Is The “Creator Funnel” Responsible of 5x’ing My Medical Practice

If you've spent any amount of time creating content and building an audience you've probably asked yoursel how to "monetize" this new attention. The answer? A creator funnel. Here's mine:

Jul 3, 2022

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    Last week Justin Welsh posted about his “creator funnel” on LinkedIn.

    It’s something I’ve been doing since 2014. Back then at my medical practice and now as an entrepreneur for my marketing agency and my coaching practice. Of course, the one I used for my practice was different to Justin’s since his audience (online solopreneurs) and my patients (parents of children with autism) are wildly different. When I commented this on his post, a few of my LinkedIn contacts (physicians) reached out asking for more details.

    This essay is my answer to how I structure my creator funnel.


    I’m working on a deep dive which will be sent out next Sunday to my subscribers so make sure you sign up before then (it’s free!). In the meantime, this essay should give you a good idea.

    There are four “levels” to my funnel:

    1. Attraction (building an audience)

    This is the top of the funnel. My goal with this content is to get more potential patients to know about me, my practice and what I do. This content is 20% original (my stuff) and 80% comments on large accounts (that my audience follows) and curating of those same accounts.

    In our case, these accounts were TACA, Generation Rescue, and a few others.

    2. Conversion (lead gen)

    With this type of content I want to generate enough curiosity in my target audience so they sign up for my newsletter or our Facebook community. Sometimes we also had digital products –like ebooks and video courses– for sale. The goal was not the sale of the entry product but the start of the relationship.

    One thing that worked remarkably well for us here were quiz-type surveys. We had one titled “Is stem cell therapy right for your child?”, which helped them answer this question and point them in the right direction based on their replies.

    3. Delight (nurture sequences)

    Once they signed up for anything in our ecosystem, we begin nurturing the relationship through a combination of automated and personalized messages. The goal here is to develop a deeper connection with them.

    In fact, we have a 6-email automated sequence that increased our consultations more than 5x since implementing it. Click here if you want those email templates.

    4. Monetization

    Eventually some of them ended up becoming patients. Most didn’t. But I still developed relationships with them either way. They learn something from me and I get someone (hopefully) speaking positively about me and my practice. Win-win.

    Next Steps

    Your goal now is to make sure that the content you create fits squarely into one of these four levels.

    Once you do, make sure you’re only sending it to people who are at that level. It does not matter if someone in the Delight phase sees an Attraction post but it does matter if those in Attraction get Delight or Monetization content.

    Most of your social media content should be Attraction and a small percentage Conversion.

    What else would you like to know about my creator funnel? Please send me your questions on Twitter, LinkedIn, via contact form, or even on my personal Instagram. I’ll make sure to address as many as possible in an upcoming deep dive!

    Table of Contents
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