What Is An Entry-Point Offer And Why You Need One In Your Business

6 months ago   •   2 min read

By Ernesto Gutierrez, MD
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Yesterday I wrote about the importance of turning your audience into clients.

The process involves three steps. It starts by creating a lead magnet. Then your entry point offer. This is a low commitment, low risk, paid offer you present to your audience with the intention of turning them into clients.

If you've been in the online space for a while you may have heard about this as a tripwire or a self-liquidating offer (SLO).

The goal of the entry-point offer is not to make a profit; it's to acquire a client.

Many successful brick-and-mortar businesses lose money on their entry point offers – this is known as a loss leader.

Fortunately, in the online space it's easier to break even or even make a bit of money with this first offer. Often you just have to account for the cost of ads.

A successful entry-point offer needs to solve a clear problem for your client, educate them on what challenges will come next, and position your main product or service as a solution to those challenges.

In my agency, one of our entry-point offers is a personal brand audit.

While this is a service (not a digital asset), it follows a specific, repeatable process allowing us to create and deliver about a dozen of these every week.

After we complete this audit, we deliver a personalized report with our findings as well as steps to take in order to improve in each area evaluated. Our goal is to educate our clients (independent doctors) on what steps they need to take to improve, and the order in which to take these steps. They can grab this report and give it to someone on their team to execute.

Or if they don't have a person to do it, they can hire our team.

Now it's your turn.

Think about your main product or service and figure out if there's a piece of it you can break up into a smaller chunk you can offer by itself.

Remember though, it needs to be valuable on its own. And it needs to set up your main service as the logical next step.

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