Why You Need To Stop Doing It All Yourself To Achieve More

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By Ernesto Gutierrez, MD
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No doctor believes a patient should go to medical school in order to solve her persistent headaches.

The smart thing to do is seek out someone who has the experience and expertise to treat headaches. Someone who can identify the type of headache she has. Someone who has treated hundreds –if not thousands– of headaches before. Someone who enjoys treating headaches.

Doesn't this make more sense?

Yeah, but… How hard can it be?

This is the worst question to ask yourself when trying to achieve a result you’ve never achieved.

Because it puts you in HOW mode. It makes your brain look for ways in which you can learn and/or do whatever (you think) needs to be done. But it fails to show how using your time to (1) figure out what you actually need to learn to do, (2) learn how to do it, and (3) doing it, has a very poor return.

Your time is best spent doing things only you can do and finding others who can do the rest better, and more efficiently than you.

Doctors are problem solvers

We firmly believe "nobody can do anything as well as I can."

This thought process is what makes us wear too many hats in our businesses. We do our tax returns, booking our travel, managing our schedules, micromanaging our team… And becoming the bottleneck to our business's growth.

No matter how you look at it, this is self-sabotage.

And it comes with a non-stop ticket to burnout.

If this essay hit you close to home, you are not alone. It happened to me too. It's what led me down the path of entrepreneurship and coaching.

If you'd like some guidance, book your 1:1 coaching call today.

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