3 Things Every Doctor's Home Page Must Have

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By Ernesto Gutierrez, MD
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As a fractional CMO, I have helped dozens of independent medical practices get to multiple 7 figures in revenue.

And contrary to what most people think, we don't achieve those results with some "top-secret proprietary tactics". We get there by applying the fundamentals of marketing. Fundamentals that are so simple, they're often overlooked by "marketing experts".

For example, most doctors spend huge sums of money trying to rank in the top of Google's search results but neglect their website's performance…

Here's how to improve your website's performance, starting with the 3 things every doctor's home page must have:

1. A clear, benefit-driven headline

The headline is the very first thing a visitor sees when they open your website.

When you consider it only takes a visitor about 5 seconds to decide whether to leave your website, the importance of the headline is evident. Yet most doctor websites have boring, uninspiring, and often jargon-filled headlines.

Instead, use everyday English to describe exactly what you do and/or serve your patients with.

Some examples:

  • Stem Cell Therapy for Autism
  • Primary Care for Your Entire Family

2. Credibility / Authority

In this section you need to demonstrate your experience and build trust with your potential visitors.

This is not about your publications, fellowships or board certifications though. We're talking about sources of credibility that are valuable to your potential patients. These include patient reviews and testimonials (bonus points if you can get some videos!), celebrity endorsements (if applicable), places where you've been featured etc.

As a doctor you're probably scoffing at these, but it's what your patients value.

3. An always visible call to action

Don't make your visitors click through multiple links on your site before they can contact you.

Have a visible button on your homepage (and on every other page on your site) that allows visitors to take immediate action. Usually the top right corner of every site is reserved for this. Also, don't make them call for an appointment. There is no excuse to not have a self-scheduling link in place.

Connect this to an email and SMS marketing automation platform (like Ontraport) and you'll be booking more appointments in no time.

Now it's your turn: visit your homepage and check for these 3 things. Seriously, it's not that hard. And if you've ever wondered what it's like working with a fractional CMO (Chief Marketing Officer), get in touch.

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