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How To Easily Triple The Impact Your Content Makes On Your Patients in 3 Steps.

Creating patient-centric content is not rocket science. In fact, the reason your content is not connecting with your patients is because you're overcomplicating it. Here's how you fix it:

Apr 26, 2022

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    What is the secret behind those physicians whose content “hits” differently amongst their audience?

    There are several factors but in this essay I’ll share with you the 3 simple steps that will immediately increase the impact your content makes on your patients. Use these steps as a checklist before you publish your next piece of content.

    Here’s how, step by step:

    Step 1: Create for one person only.

    Although your content will be published online and potentially consumed by many people, creating it for a single person is the easiest improvement you can make for it.

    Eliminate words like “you guys”, “y’all”, “most x”, “they”, and replace them with “you”. Remember that people consuming your content, are doing so individually. Not as a group.

    Step 2: Answer just one specific question per piece of content.

    Imagine you’re a family physician who gets lots of questions about diabetes.

    The common mistake is to create one video or article, explaining what diabetes is, what causes it, who’s at risk, what are the treatment options, complications, etcetera…

    Instead, break it down into the smallest chunk possible, and answer that.

    Step 3: Repost and repurpose your content.

    Content you create becomes an asset.

    It might become less relevant but it does not expire. So do not be afraid of linking to it regularly. Repost your articles, tweets, and videos. Trust me, nobody remembers your content like you remember your content.

    Table of Contents
      Add a header to begin generating the table of contents

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