How To Start An Online Side Gig As A Doctor Before You Quit Your Job

It's no secret doctors want out. After speaking to hundreds, I've learned most doctors truly enjoy serving patients. But the "system" is simply too much to put up with… So here's how you start breaking free before you quit.

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By Ernesto Gutierrez, MD
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If you're a doctor, you've likely thought about quitting more than once these last couple of years…

You know this is not the life you want but leaving a high-paying job is terrifying for most doctors. Specially when every attempt you've made at starting something online has failed miserably…

If that sounds familiar, the reason you didn't succeed in the past is because you did not have a creator funnel.

A creator funnel helps you stay consistent with the type of your content your audience expects from you while also converting them from followers to subscribers to clients.

Have you ever wondered why other creators have more followers and more engagement than you when you have more training, more experience, and maybe even better content?


Successful creators are consist in their messaging. Their audience knows what to expect from them and how often. They're not afraid of sounding repetitive when they're reposting, repurposing and repackaging the same topics over and over again. It woks for them. And it will work for you.

In this essay, I'll share with you 5 simple steps to your own creator funnel:

1. Decide your niche and how you'll show up.

A mistake I used to make when I first began creating content online was to not be clear about the type of content I was creating.

Specifically, you need to decide who you want to create for. If you're not clear about this, your content will either be too broad or too generic. Neither of which is appealing to people following you.

If you need some help with this step, I have a Masterclass at where I walk you through this process step by step.

2. Publish low-friction content regularly.

Once you're clear on the exact person you wish to create content for, you need to publish this content regularly.

Another mistake I used to make was aiming for perfect content. When you're starting out, it's much better to go for quantity than for quality. Specially since you don't yet know what your target audience considers good quality! So instead of spending tons of time polishing every piece of content, make sure sure you're showing up on their feed regularly.

Aim for at least 3 times per week, and ideally every day.

3. Offer a free lead magnet

As I've alluded in other posts, a lead magnet is often a digital good you offer your audience in exchange for their email information.

But contrary to the common belief, the main goal of the lead magnet is not to get their email so you can market your other services to them. The main goal is to get them to really know you at a deeper level than with your regular content.

The best type of lead magnet is easy to consume, addresses a single, specific challenge they have, and provides them with a quick victory.

4. Offer a low-priced entry product

After you've been creating content and engaging with your audience on social media for a few weeks, you should have a pretty good idea for a digital product.

Depending on your field, your niche, and your audience, this product can be priced anywhere between 10 and 200 dollars. Usually the sweetspot is between 30 and 75. The goal of this entry-level-product is not to make it your main revenue stream, but to start filtering out those people in your audience who trust you and are serious enough to spend money in order to solve their problems.

As you can imagine, these are –in business terms– more valuable contacts than those who only sign up for your free stuff.

5. Continue nurturing

If you have other products or services, you can offer them in an automated nurture sequence to your buyers.

These can be coaching packages, masterminds, or even in person services. If you don't yet have any of these, don't worry. Simply continue nurturing your buyers. Send them updates to their digital product, engage with them and even interview them to learn more about what you can create or how you can further help them out.

Now your goal is simply to grow your free channels.

Drive more people to your Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, podcast or whichever your chosen channel is.

Then simply facilitate their flow (using automated tools of course!) through your creator funnel. A few of your followers will download your lead magnet. Then a few of them will buy your low-ticket item. And a few of those might become private clients.

And as your business grows, you can add more complexity…

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