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How To Start Creating Content As A Doctor

Creating patient-centric content is not as hard as you think it is. Here are 3 simple tips to get you started.

Nov 24, 2022

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    I have been creating content online as a doctor for 11 years.

    These are the 3 simple (but effective) pieces of advice I’d give anyone starting out (or who wants to get started):

    #1: Write for your readers

    At first I was too concerned about what my peers would think about my content.

    This made me create articles and videos full of jargon, technicalities, and hard-to-grasp concepts in an effort to sound “professional”. The result was none of my potential patients felt the information was meant for them.

    As soon as I changed this and began writing for my readers, everything changed.

    #2: Make your content as to-the-point as possible

    There certainly is a place and time for deep-dives.

    But the truth is most online consumers are looking for the answer to a specific question. So make sure to keep your pieces short, and to the point.

    If your posts are long, break them into multiple shorter posts.

    #3: Repost and repurpose often

    It’s normal to feel like you’ve said everything there is to be said about your field just a few weeks in your writing journey.

    Which means it’s time to repost some of your original content. Feel free to tweak it a little, add some context, put in new links, but don’t think you need to create an entirely original piece every time you hit post.

    In fact, you shouldn’t. As your audience grows, your original followers will never have seen those first posts. And even your OGs will appreciate the refresher.

    When in doubt keep in mind: “nobody remembers your content like you remember your content.”

    Table of Contents
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