My Top 3 Non-Clinical Money-Making Skills Every Doctor Should Develop

As doctors we like to think our clinical skills are the only skills we'll need to be successful. But that is far from true.

Oct 2, 2022

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    If every physician goes through essentially the same training, how come some are way more successful than others?

    For me, the answer is simple. And it has little to nothing to do with their clinical skills. In fact, I believe the difference lies exclusively in non-clinical skills. In this essay I’ll share the top 3 money-making skills I have developed and which have made all the difference for me.

    Here they are:

    1. Marketing

    This is an obvious one for every independent doc out there. But it should be mandatory for everyone. Learning how to promote, package and position yourself and your skills is an invaluable skill. Regardless of whether you’re looking to attract patients or employers.

    2. Digital writing

    Every doctor has written (and published!) tons of papers during training. But that’s not the kind of writing I’m talking about. Digital writing is the art of concisely communicating your ideas to the world and putting them out there. It’s about finding your ideal audience.

    3. Public Speaking

    Another way of communicating we don’t get much training on. Sure, we can present to a group of our peers, but we don’t know how to present to a group of patients. Knowing how to engage and influence a group of people has been the single largest contributor to my net worth as a physician.

    Table of Contents
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