These Are My Top 3 Tools To Create Online Courses As A Doctor

In all honesty, the tools are less important than you think. But since it's something I'm often asked about, here are my top 3 tools to create your first (or next!) online course.

Jul 21, 2022

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    I love starting and running online businesses.

    And one of my favorite types of online business are online courses. In the last 6 years I’ve launched several courses of my own and more than 100 courses for clients. Naturally, there are some tools I use over and over again, and I recommend them to anyone and everyone.

    Here are my favorite tools to create an online course:

    1. Ontraport: This is the engine to my entire online operation. It handles my CRM, my landing pages, top-of-the-line tracking analytics, member’s area, email marketing, super powerful automations, payment gateways, and a long list of etceteras.
      Ontraport’s new dynamic CMS allows you to create webapps without touching a single line of code. Plus, with its flexibility, you’re not limited to creating online courses.
    2. New Zenler: While Kajabi is the 8-ton gorilla in the online teaching space, it comes at a price. And one that is not worth what you get. Instead, you can opt for New Zenler which does everything Kajabi does and then some. Plus, at the time of writing, you can get a full year’s worth of service for less than what you’d pay for 3 months on Kajabi!
    3. Circle: If you’re into community building, Circle might be a great choice for you. It allows you to connect your students and build a community around your content. You can host course content there, add gamification, connect students to one another and much more.

    Are you looking to launch your first online course but don’t know where –or how!– to start? Let me help. Click here to schedule your 1:1 coaching call today.

    Table of Contents
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