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How To Squeeze More Juice Out Of Your Content

Contrary to what most people think, content does not have to expire. In fact, this is one of the key actions that differentiate the pros from the beginner creators. Here's how to repurpose your content.

Nov 5, 2022

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    Most first time creators think of content as something that expires shortly after it was posted.

    Experienced creators know this is far from true. Every piece of content you publish is a digital asset. And as such you should have it work for you. Here are three simple ways how:

    1. Use them as part of your nurture funnel

    The purpose of your nurture funnel is to educate potential patients with the goal of them becoming a patient or a client.

    The easiest way to nurture them is via email. But there’s a problem: there’s only so much you can tell them about your practice and what you do. This is where your content library comes in super handy.

    Sharing a couple of your previous posts is the perfect excuse to stay in touch –and top of mind–!

    2. Use them to educate existing patients

    If you follow my recommendations and create a piece of content for each question your patients ask you in your office, you’ll soon have a significant number of posts answering the most common questions you get.

    Now, all you need to do is send them via email or automated SMS to your patients shortly before or after their visits. These posts will answer the questions they’ll likely have without you having to do it personally every time you are asked.

    3. Repurpose them

    Your content can be repurposed and reposted as often as you want, to as many channels as you want.

    You can expand on it. You can summarize it. You can turn it into a podcast or a YouTube video. You can turn an article into several tweets. Or a tweet into an instagram post.

    When you have a content library, you no longer need to create new, original content ever time.

    Table of Contents
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