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I Have Been Coaching Doctors In The Online Space For 5 Years And This Is The 1 Thing They All Ignore About Content Creation

The key to creating compelling and engaging content is to make it all about the reader. But it's something not everyone knows how to do…

Oct 18, 2022

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    In 2011 I created my very first piece of content as a physician.

    Since then, I’ve created thousands of digital assets between articles, essays, ebooks, pdfs, podcasts, videos, and several other formats. And I’ve coached dozens of doctors to do the same. It is the best way to build an audience and grow thought leadership as a physician.

    Unfortunately, most doctors approach it the wrong way.

    Content creation is not about what you want to say. It’s about what your audience wants to consume.

    When you’re an expert, you know what your “clients” need.

    But they don’t. They know what they want. Or what they don’t want.

    And the mistake is trying to “force-feed” them what they need instead of what they want.

    Do this with your content and patients will simply skip past it.

    “Yeah but if I just give them what they want, it won’t solve their problem…”

    Nobody said you should.

    In fact, as an expert, you should give them what they want AND be clear it won’t solve their problem. When you do this, you earn their trust –and their attention– so you can give them what they actually need.

    The next time you sit down to create content ask yourself, is this something my patients will want to read, or just something I want to say?

    Table of Contents
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