If You Are An Independent Doctor, This Must Be The Number 1 Priority In Your Practice For 2023

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By Ernesto Gutierrez, MD
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Right before New Years in 2008, I learned a life lesson I'll never forget.

I was recently out of medical training and had just opened up my first private practice. As many young, inexperienced business owners, I had big goals and a desire to grow my business and make an impact in as many people as possible. The problem was no matter how hard I tried, things would not go my way…

Until one day I met another doctor who had done exactly what I wanted to do with my practice and gave me some important words of advice:

The problem with most doctors in business is we have big goals but don't make a plan to achieve them.

At first I disagreed with him. "Of course I have a plan!" I said to myself… But after a bit of reflection I realized he was right. I had a bunch of things I tried and a few more I wanted to try. But I didn't have a plan.

And now, almost 15 years later, I still remember that conversation.

In fact, it had such an impact on me, it's the first conversation I have with every doctor I work with.

I just ask them a simple, yes or no question:

Do you have a written marketing plan you reference regularly?

Most say no. But if they say yes – I ask them to show it to me.

In 7 years working as a consultant and fractional CMO, I have yet to visit one medical practice where they can produce a written marketing plan to show me.

What about you? Do you have a written marketing plan you reference regularly?

If the answer is no, make it your number one priority for 2023. And if you're thinking, "but I've never created a marketing plan!" or "how do I get started?", then make sure you're subscribed to It's Not Brain Surgery → https://drernestomd.com/newsletter and pay attention to your inbox next week!

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