The 3 Automated Email Sequences Every Medical Practice Must Have In 2023

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By Ernesto Gutierrez, MD
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I was introduced to email marketing in 2011 during my training at Cenegenics Medical Institute.

I originally went there to expand my training in Age Management Medicine. Which I did. But by far the most valuable thing I learned was medical marketing. Specifically, email marketing automation. Without a doubt, their email sequences were the main driver for their tremendous growth.

12 years have passed and still most medical practices are not leveraging marketing automation…

In this essay I'll share the 3 email marketing sequences every medical practice must have in 2023:

1. Newsletter (or lead magnet) Welcome Sequence

The longer someone has been on your list, the less likely they are to open your emails.

Which means the very first emails you send them, will undoubtedly have the highest open rates. Unfortunately, most doctors don't create a welcome sequence and totally throw away their first email with the generic welcome email their marketing platform provides.

Instead, I suggest you craft a 4-6 email welcome sequence featuring your "greatest hits".

Use these emails to introduce new subscribers to you, your field, and your practice. Link to recent podcast episodes you've been on, or articles you've been featured in. The goal of this sequence is to help your prospects know, like and trust you.

2. Book A Call / Consult Sequence

This sequence is triggered when a visitor to your website requests information.

Instead of sending them a single email with a link and hoping they will schedule, have a 5-6 email sequence reminding them to do so and "selling them" on the value of the call or consultation. Share with them what they will get out of it, regardless of whether they become your patient or not.

When we first set this sequence up in my stem cell practice, we saw our consultations (from people who had requested info) go from 20% to 77% in just a few weeks!

We had the same amount of traffic, same % of requests, but 3.3 times the amount of consultations booked!

3. Leave a Review Sequence

Patients are always happy to leave you a review, but they need to be reminded!

Here's how you make it easy for them: set up an automation in your marketing platform that sends them the link to just one of your business profiles and give them 1 or 2 examples of what other patients have written. Then they can simply customize those "templates" and effortlessly leave you a review.

I guarantee you'll see an increase in positive reviews just by adding this sequence.

The best part about these automated sequences? They're automated! You set them up and your contacts and patients will be nurtured 24/7/365.

If you don't have a marketing automation platform, there's nothing better than Ontraport. When you use this link to sign up for a free trial, you'll get the automations we have created for our clients directly in your account.

*But don't think you have to have Ontraport! You should be able to set this up in any email marketing platform.

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