How To Start a Medical Blog in 2023

person sitting while using laptop computer and green stethoscope near

Today I received a DM from a colleague asking for guidance on how to start a medical blog. The simplest answer to this question is: start writing. You don’t need a website or any specific software. You just need to write. You can sign up for a free Medium account, post articles on your LinkedIn…

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First Time Entrepreneur? You’re Likely Making This Mistake.

a man with glasses is looking at a laptop

Like most beginners, I made a lot of mistakes when I opened my private medical practice. But this was the biggest one, by far: I didn’t have a clear marketing strategy. Here’s what happened: Like many first-time medical entrepreneurs, I believed the only thing that mattered was providing excellent service. As long as the service…

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How To Start An Online Side-Gig As A Doctor Before You Quit Your Job

a man sitting at a desk with a computer and a keyboard

If you’re a doctor, you’ve likely thought about quitting more than once these last couple of years… You know this is not the life you want but leaving a high-paying job is terrifying for most doctors. Specially when every attempt you’ve made at starting something online has failed miserably… If that sounds familiar, the reason…

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4 Key Characteristics Every Kickass Lead Magnet Must Have

a tablet and a cup of coffee on a table

You just can’t grow a medical practice in 2023 without an effective lead magnet. The best lead magnets are digital assets you plug into your marketing automation platform. Your potential patients download them in exchange for their email address. The beauty of them is you just create them once and they continue working for you…

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How To Use Lead Magnets To Boost Patient Conversion Rates

Man using stylus pen for touching the digital tablet screen

A lead magnet is a digital asset you offer your visitors in exchange for their email address. You’ve probably downloaded several of these in the last few years. Things like templates, ebooks, checklists, trainings, or challenges are common forms of lead magnets. And if you’re like most doctors I work with, you’re not super excited…

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